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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 16, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the quote is not up to snuff. >> reporter: goldman represents the victims' families who may file suit. residents who live near the track say the findings are disturbing. >> i noticed a lot of them that come to this town and won't walk underneath that bridge if a train is coming, so there's a lot of fear. >> it's easier to clean up the town and pay off lawsuits than to do what's really needed. >> reporter: the ntsb also found that inspections were up to date. the train was running below the speed limit. the crew was sober and paying attention, the brakes were working. still it was not enough to prevent tragedy. in ellicott city, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> in a written statement csx railroad cautioned that the ntsb has not released its final report. the company says its focus remains on safety and sympathy toward the families of the girls who died. last week a d.c. resident justin gray who is a reporter was brthe
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airport in orlando because a tsa agent would not immediately accept his new d.c. driver's license as an official form of identification. bruce johnson looks at why the new d.c. licenses might be causing some confusion. >> reporter: that's rochelle king at the dmv today, northeast resident saying when she travels abroad, she tacks two d.c. driver's licenses, the old one -- packs two d.c. driver's licenses, the old one which says washington d.c. and the one which says district of columbia. >> it's black and white. >> reporter: which do you like? >> my old license. >> reporter: shelly is on vacation soon and heard the report of the tsa agent who did not recognize the new d.c. license. >> because i'm going to travel tomorrow out of the country and i didn't know if they would recognize the new one as an original driver's license, so i want to make sure that they know this was just an address change. >> reporter: the
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transportation security administration spokeswoman told usa today there have been only two reports of agents not recognizing the new d.c. driver's license. she said passengers may have been held up all of 30 seconds until a supervisor was able to put another set of eyes on the ids. do you feel confident if you have to travel abroad or go through customs or anything with the new driver's license? >> i do. >> reporter: robert bright of southeast d.c. has the new driver's license taken back by news that a tsa agent wasn't even familiar with the district of columbia. >> for a tsa agent not to understand or know what an official document is, i think that's something that they need to educate them on. >> reporter: the tsa is saying today that all personnel will be trained to make sure they can now recognize the new d.c. driver's licenses, but since this story was put on the web it's gone viral and they're getting complaints from other federal territory like puerto rico and guam with the very same problem. a reporter in orlando says his
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tsa agent didn't seem to know just what the district of columbia is. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> d.c. dmv officials would not go on camera today, but a spokesperson tells wusa9 that the tsa was notified when the new d.c. driver's licenses were first issued several months ago. ill it seems to be a simple 3rd grade civics question or at least you'd think, so right? where is the district of columbia? >> we were shocked by some of the answers we got from people around the country, especially from this guy in cleveland. >> where is the district of columbia? >> the district of columbia? great. and you got me on camera. district of columbia is -- >> is where we're broadcasting from now. you'll hear this guy's answer
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along with several others from around the country and some of these others you may be shocked by, too. keeping your family safe, wusa9 first alert weather. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we decided to come out to the weather terrace. we earned that break, low humidity, a nice breeze, refreshing. heats start with temperatures because -- let's start with temperatures because this sort of tells the stories, in the 70s about everywhere. it's 81 in fredericksburg but upper 70s everywhere else which is pretty nice this time of year and for this neck of the woods. about as good as it gets actually for july. okay. futurecast, just pay attention to temps. there's a couple green blobs on here. i wouldn't worry about it, 79 by 6:00, 77 in gaithersburg by 6:00. in fact, it's so comfortable go to walk the dog or jog, you can do it in the evening. before when it's hot, you got to do the exercise in the
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morning. 74 in gaithersburg at 7:00, 75 in leesburg. by 10:00 it's in the 60s, 67 gaithersburg, 68 leesburg. by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning everybody is in the 60s and low 60s, 63 in gaithersburg, 62 in frederick. we'll jump the divide, 50 in oakland, probably end up in the upper 40s. by 9:00 on thursday morning going back to work, grab your sunglasses and maybe a sweater early in the morning, 68 in gaithersburg at 9:00 and 70 downtown. by afternoon walking to lunch you won't get hot, 81 downtown, upper 70s in the burbs and at the peak heating of the day generally low 80s across the entire metro area, so a nice stretch. ahead we have a more benign pattern, no 90s in sight through the weekend. keep your plan just isolated storms more west of town this weekend and comfortable at night, probably rest the ac tonight and tomorrow night.
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a northern virginia doctor is under arrest charged with prescription fraud. he's a neurologist at the neurological center of northern virginia in woodbridge writing prescriptions without examining patients first. arihi was arrested as part of the police operation called dragon share that targeted distributors of pain -- slayer that targeted distributors after medicine. please don't send these kid to western maryland is what governor martin o'malley told the white house regarding housing immigrants. >> you do not return refugee kids who kind themselves on our doorstep back into war torn or familiar in wracked places.
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>> -- famine wracked places. >> o'malley's office says his administration is working with the feds to find better options in maryland for unaccompanied minors pleaing violence in central america. it is an eyesore and dangerous and it's driving some peppeds crazy. we're talking about those sidewalk metal doors that -- pedestrians crazy. we're talking about those sidewalk metal doors that go underground. we'll show you one full of holes where lots of people walk past every day. debra alfarone checked out the situation in downtown d.c. today. >> definitely dangerous. >> looks dangerous. >> reporter: and the second most popular word today used to describe this rusty hole eyesore? >> unsafe. >> reporter: this was what it looked like in early june. >> in a few ddot came out
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maand y noted orange xs and put more cones and signs -- placed orange xs and put more cones and signs on it. >> reporter: we asked people at the intersection of 14th and g streets northwest what they thought. >> that's a lawyer's call waiting to happen. >> that is very unsafe. >> reporter: why so action in a month? we called ddot to see when it wo uld be fixed because people seem worried. >> looks like it could collapse any moment. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with ddot. they say this is actually a vault used for deliveries to this building. problem is, the building is vacant, so ddot needs to figure out who owns it so they can pay for the repairs to that vault. they say it could take up to 90 days. in northwest debra alfarone, wusa9. >> ddot told debra they do not believe the vault is in imminent danger of collapsing and will periodically check to make sure the cones are in place while they locate the owner of the building.
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if there's a traffic or transportation issue that concerns you including pedestrians, tell us at odds are gas prices are driving you crazy. tonight in frederick we found a gallon of regular unleaded for 3.55 at sunoco at 1200 west tray p trick street. the a1 mart at -- west patrick street. the a hundred mart is the most -- the a1 mart is the most expensive at 3.65 there. lawmakers question the head of the cdc about the pattern of safety issues after the mishandling of potentially deadly viruses. >> we've heard the soundbites, read the headlines. coming up we put a face to the immigration issue gripping the country. a child shares her harrowing journey of what she went through to get to this country. >> here is a live look at the
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white house where we are waiting to hear what president obama has to say about the situation in ukraine and some more sanctions ag
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there are many faces of the border crisis. according to the office of refuse jew resettlement, 52,000 -- refugee relittlement, 52,000 children have crossed the texas border -- refugee resettlement, 52,000 children have crossed the texas border. >> they say the risk is worth taking they are leaving a situation so bad. >> reporter: 14-year-old sylvia's story is similar to the story told by thousands of immigrant children who are risking their lives to be smuggled into america. her journey began in el salvador last year where she
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lived with her brother alexis. both of them were raised by their grandmother after they are father and mother came to america -- their father and mother came to america to dallas illegally in 2005. translator: it was very difficult because my life in el salvador was very poor. i was unable to provide for them with food and a house. >> reporter: in the last few years conditions in el salvador became so dire, so dangerous her parents decided to get her out. translator: it was difficult. you could not go out by yourself. it was not safe at the school or at home. they can just kill you or force you to be recruited into the street gang and if you do not agree, they just kill you. >> reporter: the final straw for sylvia she says came last year when her 8th grade teacher was murdered in an episode of gang violence. translator: when they killed my teacher, i felt unsafe. i don't want to go back to
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school. that's when my dad asked if i wanted to come to the u.s. and i said yes. >> reporter: her father says he paid a coyote $4,500 to deliver his daughter to the texas/mexico border, a two-week trek through hostile terrain with a smuggler who not only endangered her life, but assaulted her before abandoning her group at the rio grande river. >> we had to build a boat so we could cross the river. then we had to walk some more and wait until the border patrol showed up. >> reporter: sylvia has been reunited with her parents who live in dallas but for how long? her father who works as a painter is under final order of deportation and has to wear an ankle monitor, but he's not giving up his goal of rescuing his son from the violence back in el salvador. translator: i talk to my son of night and he explains to me how gangs have taken over his school. they put up a banner and
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threatened to kill the principal if it is taken down. >> reporter: dallas immigration rights activist ralph eisenberg has been working with the family more than a year trying to reunite 10-year-old alexis with his family. the el salvadoran government has signed off on the move which eisenberg says is a lawful surrender, but u.s. immigration will not sign off. the el salvadoran government has said mr. eisenberg, you can go get him. here is your permission to bring him to dallas. there's not even any family exempt his sick grandmother that needs -- except his sick grands to be in a nursing home. it is an absolute shame. >> reporter: but he also feels the greater risk is remaining in a country where danger and poverty is a way of life. >> that was mark curtis reporting. immigration officials say right now border patrol stations are so backed up that thousands of children are being housed at decontinuation centers and military bases. always watching, always
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tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> finally a day without any severe weather, although we should let our viewers know we are standing by for president obama to make some remarks on the ukraine which could happen during your forecast. >> we deserve this break courtesy of the polar vortex. cooler and drier are the words. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the cathedral on the upper portion of your screen. 79 right now, but the dew point 52. can you believe that? the dew points have been in the 70s the past three days, humidity 39%. i in phoenix or d.c.? winds north, northwest -- am i in phoenix or d.c.? winds north, northwest. rest the ac tonight, 50s and 60s for lows, warm but not humid, right on through friday. isolated storms are possible over the weekend, but as we
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said i think you can keep your outdoor plans unless you're in the mountains. around the metro area pretty good shape. tomorrow morning 60s, 67 downtown, 60 in bethesda, 61 in leesburg. by 8:00 tomorrow sunglasses, perhaps a sweater, 60 five in gaithersburg and leads -- 65 in gaithersburg and leesburg and by 10:00 it's in the low 70s, very comfortable. by 1:00, 81, you'll stay cool, in the upper 70s north and west of town. this may be a little underdone temperature-wise, but still a very comfortable day. we have a dry air mass. that means it cools off quickly and warms up quickly but stays comfortable. by 5:00 81 downtown, generally clear skies across the world, by 8:00 it's 76 and even tomorrow night certainly cool enough to take your jog or bike ride in the evening. 74 by 9:30 tomorrow and by 11:00 tomorrow night walking
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the dog 60s again in the burbs and low 70s downtown. looking at really a nice stretch of weather. for tonight clear skies, cooler, 58 to 66, winds calming down northwest at 10. by morning mostly sunny, a refreshing start, almost like we're in vermont or connecticut, 58 to 80 for temps and by afternoon, partly cloudy, warm but still not humid, high temperatures near 85 and winds out of the northwest at 10. a really nice day, albeit cool in oakland, only about 66. you jump the divide only 80 in cumberland, hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, low to mid-80s in our western suburbs, 85 toward culpeper, 82 manassas, reston and fairfax, 84 d.c., gaithersburg and frederick, 81 in annapolis. if you're going on the water tomorrow, you won't people yourself getting fried. remember to put sunscreen on. day planner, 60s to start, 50s
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in the burbs to start, 71 by 9:00, 77 by 11:00 and 81 by 1:00, next three days, mid-80s, beautiful tomorrow 84, a slight chance of an isolated storm friday, mainly west of town, 85 and still nice saturday, temperature about 85, an isolated storm. the next seven days look like this. we're looking at nats on 9 saturday and sunday, isolated storms. upper 80s monday, isolated storm and then a little better chance of thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday, heating up a bit near 90, but notice we've resisted, no 90s on the seven- day. coming up a father's simple request for a daughter gone too soon, this is a story getting all kinds of traction on social media prompting tears
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the israeli military it warning the tens of thousands of -- is warning the tens of thousands of people living in the gaza strip to evacuate their homes tonight. the warning comes as israel prepares for more airstrikes. earlier today israeli airstrike reduced the home of a gaza
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leader to rubble. tonight the u.s. is standing by israel. the israeli government is pushing both sides to try to deescalate the crisis. members of congress are demanding answer from the head of the centers of disease control. >> they are investigating the mishandling of those potentially deadly viruses. craig boswell explains. >> reporter: the head of the centers for disease control and prevention is on capitol hill answering questions about cdc lab's mishandling of potentially deadly viruses. >> what we have here is a pattern of reoccurring issues, of complacency and a lax culture of safety. >> reporter: in june researchers in atlanta transferred what they thought were noninfectious anthrax samples to labs not equipped to handle live bacteria exposing dozens of workers to live anthrax. in march cdc workers lost track of the deadly h1n1 influenza virus improperly sent to a lab
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in athens, georgia, and this month a lab worker at the national institutes of health found several vials of small box from the 1950s in a storage refrigerator. >> what we're seeing is a pattern of an insufficient culture of safety. >> reporter: the head of the cdc tells lawmakers his agency is taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> we have concrete actions underway to reduce the likelihood of curtis in the future and apply the lesson -- occurrence in the future and apply the lessons broadly. >> reporter: of lab will undergo a review before -- every lab will undergo a review before they are allowed to work on dangerous prompts. >> two labs have been closed -- projects. >> two labs have been closed and a point person has been appointed for lab safety. at a hearing on the hill today sloan gibson said there
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is a new system for measuring patient system with the va and he said he is taking steps to hold accountable those responsible for the agency's failures. still many lawmakers are skeptical. >> i have committed to the president, veterans, the staff at va i will not hold back for asking for resources. >> i want to be crystal clear. the culture that has developed at va and the lack of management and accountability is simply irreprehensible. love her, hate her, next we'll lay out 200 million reasons why kim kardashian probably does not care either way. what's trending is next. >> but first here's monika samtani with a look at traffic. >> your traffic look ahead, i'm monika samtani. plenty of parents start to worry about safety when their kids get behind the wheel the
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first time. a new report recommends the best cars for teens. many teens are not driving cars that off good crash protection or enough safety technology. today the insurance institute for highway safety released its first ever list of recommended used cars for teens and a list of the most important guidelines when purchasing a car. young drivers should avoid high horsepower which can tempt them to drive faster. bigger, heavier vehicles protect better in a crash. there are no mini or small cars on the recommended list. surprisingly there are some suvs on the list. they highly recommend electronic stability control and the car you choose should have the best safety ratings possible. many parents want to purchase older cars for 13's first vehicle which may not have -- for their teen's first vehicle which may not have all the safety features. we have a full list of all vehicles recommended on our website you can tell me about the traffic issues that drive you
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crazy. tweet
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so love her or hate her, kim kardashian's new video game is a hit with some. since its release last month kim kardashian hollywood became the second most downloaded free to play game sold by apple. what? really? what is her claim fame? >> it's a game. the game is on track to make
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$200 million. usa today entertainment reporter, $200 million. that will certainly help cover the 20 to $30 million in wedding costs, right? >> won't she have a little left over. >> this is a nice bit of change for kim who is not hurting at all. so it's sort of insane to think that one game that you can download on your ipad has already generated $200 million. i think the game has been out like two weeks or something. >> are you a gamer? >> i'm an angry birdser. >> i do angry birds. >> girl, that's so 10 years ago. i'm kidding. >> it's fun. i did download the kim kardashian game for work purposes to see what all the fuss is about. >> sure, you did. >> i haven't played it. apparently you get to sort of be kim and make your way through the ranks of hollywood. i don't know that there is a sex tape element in the game. >> let's hope not. >> is it a shoot em up kind of
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game? >> no. it's literally buy these clothes, date this person, go to this store. apparently one reporter who downloaded the appear and actually played it spent -- app and actually played it spent $500 because to navigate through the game you need to spend money. it's a free app to download, but you need to spend money. >> we should have been an app developer. now you know, kid, what you should do. be a game developer. it appears there's a family feud between the wife of the late casey kasem and his kid. this is almost like michael jackson and james brown. >> this is beyond a feud because he is still not buried. he died a month ago. casey kasem died a month ago and his body is still in a funeral home. his children want him buried in california and his wife has not come to make arrangements or claim the body or anything. so it's really insane. this comes after she threw raw
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meat at his daughter earlier this summer. this is beyond family feud. if you let the man sit in a funeral home for a month, that is just wrong. it's really bad. there's an interesting study we've talked about today of. >> it was published in the journal of psychology of popular media culture and found women who posted sexy pictures on social media make them appear less confident and attractive evidently to their peers. how did this sell? >> tell that to kim kardashian. i'm sorry. i have to say that. i mean there are celebrities that post sexy pictures, kate upton, kim kardashian, but i can see if you're a regular person and someone is searching for you and want to hire you for a job and all your social media pictures are you in a bikini or making a ducky face.
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>> it is a talker because you put the two pictures together, you're not going to think the person who is showing a whole lot of skin is more confident. >> here's the point. like if you think that's appropriate, then i'm sort of like where is your head at? >> always good to see you. >> you, too. this is a story, jan that, we talked about a little bit about a grieving father in ohio who posted this picture of his late infant daughter on the reddit social media site. for anybody with photoshop to somehow find a way to get the tubes that had been on her for her tiny little life away and this is one that scores that nathan steffel got back s daughter sophia. she died of a liver tumor. she was just 6 weeks old. this has been trending all over social media and wusa9 web producer jonifasilitis joins us
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now to talk about this and you think wow, he must be so moved. >> we just showed one of so many pictures and what happened with reddit is this father just wanted to see his daughter without the tubes. never made it out of the hospital. they never took the tubes off. he asked for just one picture and the love came pouring in. people loved this story on social media today because it took such a tragic situation and it was so selfless and beautiful. it wasn't just one person here and there posting pictures. one person would start photoshoping and the next person would kind of start a chain reaction. the next person would say hey, i tweaked yours a little bit and it moved on and on and it was like this internet community everyone joining in to contribute and help this joining father. there were sketches, photoshops. we have all of them. look at that step. >> beautiful. >> people said i -- sketch.
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>> people said i don't have a lot of experience, but i'm a mother and just put my son to bed and i can't go to sleep until i try. we're getting a break now from the heat, the humidity and the storms. >> no doppler tonight. we can just look at low humidity and a comfortable night, probably turn the ac off. let's start with temperatures, most folks in the even this hour downtown, 79 in d.c., manassas and leesburg, nice compared to where we've been the past few days. let's go ahead and talk about the forecast lows tonight. this is why i think you can rest the ac even inside the beltway talking mid-60s tonight, 65 for a low in bethesda, 64 in rockville, 62 in sterling. get out toward leesburg might even be in the low 60s, maybe upper 50s out toward laytonsv
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in tonight's health alert progress in the fight against alzheimer's disease, researchers in minnesota identified a new protein in the brains of alzheimer's patience. the substance is known as tdp-
5:39 pm
43. >> for the they first time we have evidence that one human has tdp43 protein, they are 10 times more likely to have memory problems. >> doctors presented findings at the alzheimer's association international conference in copenhagen. previous research identified two other proteins linked to alzheimer disease. a new study published in the american journal of transplantation finds some kidney donors have a difficult time getting new health and life insurance. researchers found among 400 donors who tried to change their health insurance, 27 had trouble and among 186 others who tried to change their life insurance reported some difficulty, about 46 of them. under the affordable care act insurance companies can no longer refuse coverage to organ donors. american children are getting the message when it comes to fruits and veggies. a new government survey shows in 2009 and 2010 more than 3/4 of children ages to to 19 ate
5:40 pm
fruit on a given day and 90% ate veggies. the study found children ate fewer fruits and vegetables as they get older. tracking your heart rate can help you get in shape. there are many new fitness dystonias count those heart rate monitors, but -- fitness devices that can count those heart rate monitors, but do you ever wonder how accurate they are? >> the vivo fit, the samsung gear fit. >> several new fitness devices offer heart rate tracking using optical monitors to measure blood flow, but how do they compare to the gold standard of heart rate monitors, the ekg? for each device i tried to get a reading three times at rest and three times after running. the first device was the garmin vivo fit which gives you a continuous heart rate without stopping for a reading.
5:41 pm
the test is dead on. >> these chest straps essentially have an ekg lead right over the chest. so it's the same technology. >> the next device i tested required you stop testing and hold still to get a reading using optical sensors. the basis carbon steel and samsung were off at any normal resting rate but not after running. >> the optical sensor is the near your heart. it's sensing it through the capillaries. >> reporter: the pulse 02 and samsung galaxy s5 was surprisingly accurate for a monitor built into a smartphone. so far that's the fastest and most accurate. when about inaccuracies, basis and y things expressed confidence in their technology. the samsung gear fit manual says inaccuracies may be due to measurement conditions and surrounding. for more on fitness trackers go
5:42 pm
to c >> the devices are currently not regulated by the fda because they are sold for recreational use and not as medical devices. confusion over our hometown, even some airport workers are having trouble knowing where d.c. is. how did that happen? we'll tell you the story. >> plus our insiders on the inside pitch on what's going right and not so right with the nats this seas
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breaking news from the white house where president barack obama is speaking about the situation in ukraine and more sanctions against russia. >> let's listen in. >> the challenges i reviewed with secretary kerry this afternoon. first of all, i thanked secretary kerry and our outstanding civilian and military leaders in afghanistan for their success in helping to break the impasse over the presidential election there. thanks to their efforts and, of course, thanks to the afghans and the courage of the two candidates, both of whom i spoke to last week, the candidates have agreed to abide by the results of a comprehensive and internationally supervised audit that will review all the ballots and to form a unity government. if they keep their commitments, afghanistan will witness the first democratic transfer of power in the history of that nation. this progress will honor both candidates who put the
5:45 pm
interests of a united afghanistan first. the millions of afghans who defied threats in order to vote and the service of our troops and civilians who sacrificed so much. this progress remind is us that even as our combat mission in afghanistan ends this year, america's commitment to a sovereign, united and democratic afghanistan will endure along with our determination that americans are never again threatened by terrorists inside of afghanistan. second, john updated me on the negotiations with iran over its nuclear program. over the last six months iran has met its commitments under the interim deal we reached last year halting the progress of its nuclear program, allowing more inspections and rolling back its most dangerous stockpile of nuclear material. meanwhile we are working with our p5 plus one partners and iran to reach a comprehensive agreement to ensure us that
5:46 pm
iran's program will be peaceful and they won't obtain a nuclear weapon. it's clear to me that we've made real progress in several areas and we have a credible way forward, but as we approach july 20th, the deadline under the interim deal, there are still significant gaps between the international community and iran and we have more work to do. the next few days with we'll continue consulting with congress and our team will continue discussions with iran and our partners as we determine whether additional time is necessary to extend our negotiations. third, we continue to support diplomatic efforts to end the violence between israel and hamas. as i've said repeatedly, israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks that terrorize the israeli people. there's no country on earth that can be expected to live under a daily barrage of rockets and i'm proud that the
5:47 pm
iron dome system that americans helped israel develop and fund has saved many israeli lives, but over the past two weeks we've all been heartbroken by the violence, especially the death and injury of so many innocent civilians in gaza, men, women and children who are caught in the crossfire. that's why we have been working with our partners in the region to pursue a ceasefire to protect civilians on both sides. yesterday israel did agree to a ceasefire. unfortunately hamas continued to fire rockets at civilians thereby prolonging the conflict, but the israeli people and the palestinian people don't want to live like this. they deserve to live in peace and security prefrom fear. that's why we're going to continue to encourage diplomatic efforts to restore the ceasefire and we support egypt's continued efforts to bring this about. over the next 24 hours we'll continue to stay in close
5:48 pm
contact with our friends and parties in the region and use all of our diplomatic resources and relationships to support efforts of closing a deal on a ceasefire. in the meantime we'll continue to stress the need to protect civilians in gaza and in israel and to avoid further escalation. finally given the continued provocations in ukraine, today i approved a new set of sanctions on some of russia's largest companies and financial institutions. along with our allies, i've repeatedly made it clear that russia must halt the flow of weapons and fighters across the border into ukraine, that russia must urge separatists to release their horsages and support a ceasefire, that russia needs to pursue -- lost erics and support a ceasefire, that russia needs to pursue
5:49 pm
international talks. i've made this clear to mr. putin. many of our european partners have made this clear to mr. putin. we have emphasized our preference to resolve this diplomatically but that we have to see concrete actions and not just words that russia is, in fact, committed to trying to end this conflict along the russia/ukraine border. so far russia has failed to take any of the steps that i mentioned. in fact, russia's support for the separatists and violations of ukraine sovereignty has ntinued. on top of the sanctions we've already imposed, we're therefore designating selected sectors of the russian economy as eligible for sanctions. we're freezing assets of several russian defense companies and we are blocking new financing of some of russia's most important banks and energy companies. these sanctions are significant, but they are also targeted designed to have the maximum impact on russia while limiting any spill overeffects on american companies or those
5:50 pm
of our allies. we are taking these actions in close consultation with our european allies. we're meeting in brussels to agree on their next steps and what we are expecting is that the russian leadership will see once again that its actions in ukraine have consequences including a weakening russian economy and increasing diplomatic isolation. meanwhile we'll continue to stand with the ukrainian people as they seek to determine r own future. they have made remarkable progress these past few months, held democratic elections. they elected a new president, pursuing important reforms and signed an ocean agreement with the european union and the united states will continue to offer our strong support to ukraine to help stablize its economy and defend its territorial integrity because like any people, ukraine has reserved the right to forge their own destiny. in closing, we live in a
5:51 pm
complex world and at a challenging time and none of these challenges len themselves to quick or easy solutions, but all of them require american leadership and as commander in chief, i'm confident that if we stay patient and determined that we will, in fact, meet these challenges. thanks very much. >> wide ranging press conference talking about afghanistan, iran, the conflict between israel and hamas and what's going on in ukraine and the new sanctions, more serious ones, against russia. >> that's over, of course, the ukrainian crisis. that's going to target some of russia's largest companies and people connected directly to president vladimir putin. in the meantime at home today's weather was a dream compared to monday and tuesday. >> we wered it. >> i think we did. -- we earned it. >> i think we did. >> the rest of the week the humidity will be in check
5:52 pm
through friday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, going to cover lot of ground, a little less ground than the president, keep it simple here, the dew point in the 50s translating to relative humidity of 39%, very comfortable. the last few days the dew points have been in the 70s and the humidity right around 70%. so temperature-wise 80 in college park, 78 in whichever chase, 77 in arlington, generally -- chevy chase, 77 in arlington. headlines, you could probably rest the ac tonight, 50s and 60s for lows even downtown, warm but not humid through friday. some isolated storms possible over the weekend, now i think keep your tee types and bike riding and jogging schedules. futurecast, 8:00 in the morning temps in the 60s everywhere. all you really need tomorrow morning, perhaps a sweater and then just sunglasses. by 1:00 it's 81 downtown, upper
5:53 pm
70s in the burbs, by 5:00 still low 80s across most of the metro area. i think these temperatures are a little low because the air mass is dry and dry air masses heat up quickly and cool off quickly. by 8:00 temps start going down, 76 downtown, low 70s in gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas. how nice is that? by 9:30 temperatures in the mid- 70s downtown and low 70s in the burbs. taking a hate walk with the dog tomorrow night? 60s. -- late walk with the dog tomorrow night? 60s. 66 in leesburg and culpeper and downtown about 71. so your day planner peculiar 60s to start, 71 by -- planner, 60s to start, 71 by 9:00 and beautiful tomorrow, 84, 85 friday. yeah, we've got a thunderstorm. it's going to be probably west of town. they'll be few and far between and still nice on start, an
5:54 pm
isolated storm possible, temperatures 85. next seven days sunday a few storms, nats on 9 saturday and sunday, the brewers in town friday, saturday, sunday, looks pretty nice, isolated storm monday, upper 80s and then tuesday and wednesday a little better chance of more widely scattered showers and thunderstorms and temperatures not quite to 90 but getting close, near 90 both tuesday and wednesday. it is a hot topic not only on our facebook page but across other social networking sites. we're talking about the tsa agent in orlando who didn't know the district of columbia was part of the u.s. the agent told the d.c. resident that his driver's license was not a valid form of id. a camera crew from our cleveland sister station took to the streets to find out if people actually knew where the district of columbia is located. >> reporter: where is the district of columbia? >> washington d.c. >> washington d.c. >> by virginia and maryland. >> in maryland, washington d.c.
5:55 pm
>> washington d.c. >> near washington? >> reporter: yeah. where is the district of columbia? >> the district of columbia. washington d.c. railroad perfect. >> -- >> reporter: perfect. >> washington d.c. is michigan. >> lesli and he were talking about this. most people say washington d.c. >> we're d.c. people, so we kind of have an advantage, right, but come on. how hard is district of columbia. our facebook fans weren't so easy. they had a field day with this post earlier. am i supposed to trust them with my security? because they're government agents and don't know where d.c. is. amber was definitely not happy with that. we have some more people taking the opportunity to crack some jokes, wonder if they notify immigration when they come
5:56 pm
across a new mexican. we'll look at one more. under my birth certificate management asked me for my green card. she was talking about she presented her coastguard card and wanted to see already certificate and kind of went wild. people like to share their own stories. i think they saw it and ran with it. >> that tsa agent evidently asked for his passport after he showed him his license thinking that the district of columbia was in another country somewhere. >> people should study up, right? >> they're going to make them now. at the all-star break the nationals are tied for first with the atlanta braves in the nl east in. today's inside pitch holden kushner and i talk about what has gone well and what the nats' biggest problems have been so far. >> reporter: let's talk about the first half. your biggest story line of the first half of the season thus
5:57 pm
far? >> i think the got to be the injuries. withstanding the jordan zimmermann injury you've got gio gonzalez on the dl right when doug fister came back. bryce harper missed most of the season. ryan zimmerman and wilson ramos and adam laroche and denard span for seven days with the head issue have been on the dl. everybody has gotten hurt on this team. >> we're the only healthy two around here. >> that, rendon and werth. >> let's talk about how they've been able to overcome it. despite all those injuries they've been able to stay afloat here. >> they have. big reason why, the bullpen maybe the best in major league baseball, soriano, clifford and storen, anthony rendon who i think has been the team mvp has carried this team offensively. adam laroche has, too besides
5:58 pm
his two weeks on the dl and starting pitching you've had stephen strasburg up and down and then throw in tanner roark and jordan zimmermann. >> i want to go back to starting pitching. rate how they've been this first half. >> very good. a b, b plus to this point. strasburg has had some underlying statistics that have made it not as aesthetically pleasing, but he has pitched well. jordan zimammernn, very well, gio started to find his groove and doug fist -- fister has been terrific. >> if you had to pick an mvp? >> rendon. he's been a leader, defensively spectacular at third and second base, very versatile. this is a guy that has been the most valuable player to me in the first half. >> and the nats start the
5:59 pm
second half of the campaign friday when they host the brewers here in d.c. coming up later this week holden and i delve into our second half prediction
6:00 pm
you are watching wusa9 news at 6:00, a beautiful shot of the d.c. skyline on a fantastic day, 80 degrees almost and 6:00 straight up. >> i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. in less than an hour residents of piscataway drive in ft. washington will learn the fate of their homes as well as what, if any, money they might receive from the county. >> mola lenghi joins us with a preview of tonight's community meeting. you've been out there many times. i know those residents are hoping for better news. >> reporter: yeah, derek. these community meetings like the 1 that's going to start here at this ft. washington community center in about an hour between county officials, the engineering firm that the county hired and the homeowners, these meetings